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As a teacher Mr. Inamdar always came across the situation that the students with weak base and below average students were always neglected and only the students with good intelligence were always paid more attention, with the intension of helping and improving the weak students in mind and to develop such students he Started the academy in the year 2006 , till date the academy has developed and improved hundreds of students across the city and is now well known for it’s hard work, which can be seen from the result section, any one who wish to go through the result section will find success of the both class of students ,the weaker has developed and the good has become the best.

The institute is accomplished by a team of highly experienced and fully dedicated faculty with a Commitment to promote Excellence and Perfection in teaching and enhance the Success of every student entering the academy. With a teaching experience of several years, we have developed the expertise and methodologies required to generate confidence among students to excel in academics and also in competitive exams. We constantly update our method of teaching to keep students abreast with the changing exam pattern.

Our students come from various schools across the city, with vivid back ground, most of them are average, when they enter into class 8 with us. With the beginning of the first semester we find it very difficult to build their basic knowledge where almost many of them are short , but as the time passes and these students get acknowledged with our teaching techniques, they start building a confidence within themselves and find studies specially understanding easier as compared to their previous classes. Students are not only intellectual but also social and emotional beings , and these dimensions interact to impact learning performance of each and every child, hence it becomes important for us to treat each one accordingly.

Our results are not just a night mare but the outcome of hard work, determination and confidence what we build in our students.

Our motto is “ Make the weak better and better the best”

Key Features

  • Excellent coaching with experienced in teaching VIII, IX and X State Syllabus.
  • Each batch contains 50 members, with maximum individual attention.
  • Weekly test and periodical exams will be conducted for better revision and learning of every student.
  • Child centered teaching methodology.

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